Why Can’t I Stop?

It’s the Biology of Addiction.

At Ampelis Recovery, we treat the biology of addiction with Advanced Medication-Assisted Treatment using Amino Acid Therapy that repairs and heals the brain. Our program is rooted in functional medicine, positive psychology, and experiential learning to deliver a biopsychosocial model of care – providing an integrated approach to address the physical, mental, and social drivers of lasting recovery.

Addiction is a disease of the brain

one that is curable

We don’t believe in labeling our clients as “addicts”. Addiction is not a moral failing or something that defines a person. It is a disease that can be overcome.

Ampelis believes it is possible to:
Awaken the ability to make choices free from the pull of an addicted brain with medication-assisted treatment.
Align with the application of proven principles in positive psychology that strengthen and restore physical and mental health – leading to a more meaningful life.
Renew  a commitment to live a life of meaning and integrity through service and sharing.

Our simple goal is to provide the best medical, psychological, and experiential treatment program available to help you, your loved one, or your colleague heal.

Our Approach

How are we different?

We ascribe to the biopsychosocial model of addiction. We first treat the biology, then the psychological issues and finally the social concerns of the person.

Using a research-based, multi-modal pathway to long-term healing, our program includes:

Advanced Medication-Assisted Treatment with IV Amino Acids & Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Addiction is a chronic disease that hijacks the brain via its neural Reward Pathway. Dysfunction in neurotransmitters can lead to specific biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. However, the typical medical perspective of addiction characterizes it primarily as an inability to abstain from or avoid a substance or behavior. Despite the fact that addiction is a neurotransmitter problem, as supported extensively in the academic literature, the current clinical model for treating addiction is not based on correcting this—again, it is largely based on patients abstaining from a drug for “long enough” to hopefully see a benefit. This approach is highly flawed and is why recovery often fails. By correcting neurotransmitter deficiencies with IV Amino Acids, we are best able to address the key biological factors that drive addiction.

To improve mental health after the brain has been treated with IV Amino Acids, we provide Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). KAP provides relief from enduring psychological problems or trauma that have never been addressed or have been treatment-resistant.

Positive Psychology & The 10 Principles of Recovery
Our program focuses on an individual’s positive attributes and strengths instead of weaknesses – who and what they are instead of what they’re not. We emphasize solutions and not the addiction itself. We help our clients see that they amount to much more than, and shouldn’t be defined by, a diagnosis, or a medication. This new mindset motivates change. Our therapeutic approach consists of taking our clients and their loved ones through the 10 Principles of Recovery which have been developed in accordance with evidence-based positive psychological ideologies. These 10 Principles are emphasized throughout the treatment process and promote a positive, strengths-based approach to recovery.

Historically, psychology has focused on mental illness and the negatives in human behavior. This has been especially true in the addiction world as evidenced by the wide use of the label “addict”. In recent years, interest in human potential and well-being has grown. This interest was, in part, due to the positive psychology movement led by prominent scholars/psychologists such as Martin Seligman, Ed Deiner and others who focused attention on the study of human strengths or those inner traits and characteristics that most cultures, religions, and philosophies have highlighted as contributing to the well-being of the individual as well as the world.

Positive psychology focuses more on strengths than on weaknesses, on building the best things in life rather than becoming fixated on the worst, and on those things that contribute to human health rather than perpetually digging at wounds and taking identity from sickness.

An entrenched identity also comes from labeling oneself. Positive-psychological methodology seeks to understand, to intervene and to change the negative self-perception or negative labeling with the objective of improving the life satisfaction and happiness of the person

Nutrition and Fitness to Optimize Health & Wellness

Nutrition and physical health are important companions to Medication-Assisted Treatment modalities.  Our team of nutritional and health experts will develop a nutrition and fitness plan customized to a client’s unique genetic make-up, fitness levels, and other neurochemical factors.  Throughout the program, our clients develop skills and plans to carry appropriate nutrition and health habits home with them.

Multisensory Experiential Learning

Every detail of the client experience at Ampelis Recovery is intentionally crafted to reinforce change and healing.  There are therapeutic benefits associated with music, art, handwriting, being in nature, gardening, and hard work.  Our team of experiential designers leverage the unique setting of the property in Hobble Creek Canyon to create multi-sensory opportunities for clients in all of these areas.  Recovery is not a vacation, rather our clients and their loved ones are engaged in the work required to cultivate meaning through the development of SELF, relationships with OTHERS, and connecting with the DIVINE (not confined to religiosity, but found through what literature calls transcendence that is often found in nature, meditation, spirituality, etc).

Ampelis Recovery programs include the following steps:

10 principles of recovery

Take Accountability for your life

Examine yourself with honesty and responsibility

Discover Purpose

Identify what gives your life meaning

Cultivate Hope

Look for possibilities and be optimistic

practice gratitude

Be aware of who and what provides goodness in your life and show your thanks

Define & Strengthen your spiritual self

Connect with your higher power

Find your identity & nurture self worth

Live from the inside out and not the outside in

Conquer with courage

Use resilience to overcome weaknesses, setbacks, and obstacles

Forgive yourself and others

Release yourself from the past

Serve others

Enrich lives with your good works

Live with integrity

Move forward with authenticity and determination

About Us

Leaders in Health, Psychology, and Business

The Ampelis Recovery team is not only comprised of thought leaders in the space of psychology and health, but also corporate training and consulting. We serve our residents with the same degree of preparation and professionalism that we take to engagements with Fortune 500 clientele. From start to finish, every minor detail of the experience with Ampelis Recovery is intentionally designed to aid in the healing process.

Who We Serve

Is Ampelis Recovery Right for You?

Ampelis Recovery is a four-week residential program that currently serves adult males over the age of 21 who are struggling with substance abuse. Leaving home and work for that length of time is a challenge, but we believe it is necessary for optimal outcomes with our treatment modalities.

Our programs are designed for small monthly cohorts to progress through the healing process together. Details and accommodations have been created with the understanding that privacy and trust are essential to the healing environment.


Private, Mountain Estate

Ampelis Recovery is located at Hobble Creek Canyon in Springville, Utah. Our residents come from many different locations – so airport transportation and virtual visits for “pre-hab”, family therapy, health coaching, and other forms of follow-up care are planned for.

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How to Get Started

Finding clients who are committed to the healing process is critically important. Prior to accepting applicants, we will conduct an online and telephonic intake process to determine fit for the program. Once fit has been determined, all applicants will begin the “pre-hab” process prior to joining us in-person. This includes completion of a detox program so upon arrival clients are prepared to immediately begin the process of healing the addicted brain.

If you would like to learn more or participate in a free consultation, please call or fill out the form below.

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