Learn How Ketamine Treatment Can Heal Your Clients

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A Clinical Primer on Making Treatment More Effective

Reviewed by Ampelis Recovery Medical Director Dr. Andrew Petersen, DO, and Clinical Director Dr. Trish Henrie-Barrus, Ph.D. 

Clinicians have used ketamine since the 1960s for anesthetic purposes and, more recently, to treat addiction. Often people with addiction are struggling with past trauma as well as depression and anxiety. At Ampelis Recovery, we use ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to help our clients work through past trauma and issues, allowing them to move forward to create a more meaningful life without those burdens of the past.

In this ebook, you will learn about:

  • Ketamine’s mechanism of action
  • What a standard ketamine infusion therapy regimen looks like
  • How ketamine makes psychological treatment more effective for co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety
  • How ketamine helps to heal and replenish neuroplasticity

Healed Client Testimonial

“The ketamine treatments really seem to have helped me overcome some intense emotional/mental barriers. My self-esteem, my sense of worth, and my confidence have increased dramatically. Even my spirituality has been heightened.”  

Experts Behind the eBook

Andrew Peterson

Dr. Andrew Petersen, DO 

Partner, Medical Director 

Dr. Petersen believes that conventional approaches to debilitating diseases that plague modern-day society fall short. He brings this unique perspective to Ampelis in the form of cutting-edge medical approaches to treating and healing addiction. 

Dr. Petersen oversees the biological side of healing at Ampelis, administering amino acids and ketamine for psychotherapy. He works with clients to thoroughly evaluate and address underlying biological issues that may contribute to their addiction. He is also responsible for the ongoing monitoring of each client’s health. 


Partner, Clinical Director

Dr. Barrus directs and manages the clinical treatment and therapy experiences for each client at Ampelis Recovery. These therapeutic experiences, coupled with Ampelis’ unique approach to addiction recovery through biological-focused medical treatment and experiential learning, give clients an incredible opportunity to thoroughly and permanently heal.

Dr. Barrus has extensive experience in assessment administration and development – especially in opioid and chemical addiction, pain management, depression, anxiety, and wellness. She is a practicing clinician and owner of Riverwoods Behavioral Health. Dr. Barrus is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah, where she helped create the nationally-recognized Positive Psychology Certificate Program.

Dr. Trish Henrie-Barrus Ph.D.