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A Cutting-Edge Treatment Option for Your High-Net-Worth Clients

We treat the biology of addiction with multifaceted and interrelated therapies that fully heal the body, mind, and spirit. Request a call today to learn more.

Our Program is Designed with Intention 

We know that a 90-day residential program is simply not a viable option for some professional men. 

Our unique offering consists of a 26-day residential treatment program that is broken into 4 progressive phases. During this time, clients are able to manage the ongoing demands of work and life. The residential phase is followed by 11 months of comprehensive aftercare support for clients and their families to cultivate healthy and meaningful lives. 

“Pre-Hab”: Preparing to Heal

  • Health and psychological evaluation
  • Comprehensive health history
  • Blood work and genetic testing
  • Nutritional assessment

“Restoring the Brain

  • 10-day IV amino acid treatment
  • Personalized fitness and nutrition regimen
  • Sleep training
  • Nature therapy
  • Amino acid supplements

Changing Addictive Thinking & Behaviors

  • Intensive positive psychological program
  • Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Lifestyle and health education
  • Meditation and reflection
  • Service
  • Multi-sensory experiences to discover meaning

Transitioning to a Healthy & Meaningful Life

  • One year of health coaching and medical consultations
  • Follow-up therapy
  • Ampelis Meraki System to implement principles of meaning living
  • Case management
  • Areté Program to build character strengths and skills
  • Alumni and family network and Family event

From Our Healed Clients

“He no longer blames others for his past choices, nor does he dwell on the past. He has hope again.  He has a quiet confidence rather than bravado to cover a lack of confidence.  He listens more and seems genuinely interested in others.  He has no cravings!  For the first time, he feels worthy and clean.” 

From Our Healed Clients

“I can’t remember the last time I had such clarity and was so happy.” 

From Our Healed Clients

“Everyone on the team was absolutely incredible. No one took their role lightly and they were all committed to doing their very best. The most impressive thing to me was how encouraging and loving everyone was.” 

From Our Healed Clients

“The amino acids have helped me enjoy day to day life more thoroughly and simply. They reduce my cravings. My sense of smell and sight are heightened. My imagination and sense of wonder have improved.” 

From Our Healed Clients

“The ketamine treatments really seem to have helped me overcome some intense emotional/mental barriers. My self-esteem, my sense of worth, and my confidence have increased dramatically. Even my spirituality has been heightened.”  

Andrew Peterson

A Curated Experience for Professional Men

Recovery at Hobble Creek is located on a private, five-acre mountain estate in Springville, Utah.  The grounds and residence were selected and designed to create spaces that contribute to a therapeutic and healing experience.

Our clients come from around the globe – airport transportation and virtual visits for family therapy, health coaching and other forms of follow-up care are anticipated.

A Team Driven to Build a Better Solution for Those Struggling with Addiction

Our team is passionate about helping families and individuals cultivate meaning in their lives. We are experts from a variety of backgrounds – healthcare, psychology, nutrition, education, and business. We are united by a common commitment to identify and provide better ways to overcome the disease of addiction.