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Why Ampelis Recovery?


Only 10% of people who go to treatment for an addiction get better.

10% isn’t good enough.

At Ampelis Recovery, we are using emerging treatments with better outcomes.

Come to Ampelis Recovery to eliminate your addictive cravings, change your negative thought patterns, and build a meaningful life.

The Program

Heal your brain as you work holistically on the biological, psychological, social and spiritual elements of recovery


Work with a team of people who are invested in you and dedicated to helping you recover and build a life full of meaning

The Property

A beautiful and nurturing environment where you can comfortably focus on your healing and recovery

Are You Ready to Make Changes in Your Life?

What to Expect

  • Your cravings will go away.
  • The fog of addiction will lift.
  • You will begin to experience healthy emotions again.
  • You will be received by our team with love, admiration, and encouragement.
  • Your family will have tremendous support and education.
  • You will mend damaged relationships.
  • You will have a team to help you succeed when you return home.
  • You will build a future full of meaning and purpose.

Recovery is hard work… When you are ready, we are here to help!

Who We Serve

Is Ampelis Recovery Right for You?

The program is designed for male working professionals over the age of 35. Leaving home and work to receive help is hard.  We understand these burdens, yet recognize that dedicated time in the right environment is critical to start the healing process.

To that end, the Ampelis Recovery program begins with a 26-day residential experience that provides opportunities to manage the continuing demands of work and life. This is followed by 11 months of comprehensive support for clients and families to cultivate healthy and meaningful lives.

What Our Clients Say

“I think the amino acid drips had a huge impact on my treatment. It’s a year’s worth of brain healing in 10 days. I can’t remember the last time I have had such clarity and been so happy and I felt it every day from the drips.”

What Our Clients Say

“The program that has been put together here works together so well from the great staff, all the nutrition, the experiences and equine therapy, to the modules and therapy with that, it is just a great program.”

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